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–Have A Rich & Beautiful Mind–

Hi, I am Rika Goto.

I always aspire to enrich the mind and heart because it is the best way to have a comfortable and beautiful life.

In an age of "quantity over quality", it's important to take a deep breath and reflect upon your environment and mental condition.

My goal is to empower and walk with you to find peace and value in your life.

  • Communicate with your heart 
  • Organize your thoughts, time and space
  • Stay hungry and gain invaluable knowledge

Through simple reflection, you will regain a healthy you and find yourself surrounded with smiles all around.

You will be at peace, be more empathetic, and find inner beauty within yourself.

It’s a piece of cake.

Let's start with a casual conversation and soon discover a quality life.

Rika Goto was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Language from Dokkyo University and learned English in San Diego, California. After graduation, she started working at a foreign press service company as a secretary. However, she soon discovered that editorial, promotion and public relations was more to her liking and moved on to a PR and advertising company. She made significant contributions to produce many events, PR and press releases for airlines, foreign embassies, travel bureaus, and built her career in PR as a director at a jewelry and cosmetic brand.

She moved to the United Sates after marriage and worked as a freelance translator and a buyer for a handful of select shops.

She had a baby boy and enjoyed motherhood as she got involved in childcare, education and volunteer work at schools and welfare societies. She had many supporters in local teachers and studied publications about early education and parenting.

After she moved back to Japan, she continued to study child development and parenting at international schools and worked PR positions at a jewelry and fashion brand.

She taught many international children about Japanese culture, worked as a den mother at Cub Scouts, and worked with many excellent experienced teachers and doctors.

She also acquired the qualification as a Professional organizer at JALO and specializes in managing thoughts, time and space.

She uses color therapy, and her bicultural experience and knowledge in her original way to work on people’s mental support in organizing, global parenting, and personal styling. Her thorough and enthusiastic counseling style for simple and beautiful life is very effective and attracts many followers.